Level 2. Assignment 208

Assignment 208
Task A.
Ai.   A description of four different examples of accidents & or sudden illnesses that might occur.
  1. Uneven floor surfaces – Having uneven floor surfaces when on outings can cause slip, trips & falls.
  2. Choking – Food they have eaten may become lodged & cause breathing problems
  3. Epileptic fit – Clear area, monitor & call for help
  4. Violence at work – During trips out of the house attending appointment’s, delivering unwelcome information can attract a high risk of violence off the resident & this can be towards the support worker, the general public & fellow service users .
Aii.   An outline of the procedures to follow if an accident or sudden illness should occur.
  1. If a trip was to happen whilst on an outing id check my service user over thoroughly before taking into consideration their body language & facial expression, this is because some of our residents are non verbal.
  2. If a resident started choking on food they have eaten or it became lodges in their throat/starting to cause breathing problems id need to perform Heimlich manoeuvre
  3. If a resident started to have an epileptic fit id clear all dangerous objects, put them into the recovery position. If fit lasts longer than 3-5 minutes call 999. As I’m not first aid trained within Heathcotes id rely on the first aiders at the place we were visiting.  
  4. If any violence occurred/broke out during the trip myself & team would have to use NAPPI techniques on that certain individual to diffuse the situation.  
Every work place has to follow a health & safety act by law, each individual place would have its own procedure to follow. At Heathcotes a manager or team leader has to be informed, depending on the severity of the incident depends on what action would be taken. As part of the process accident records must be written up & kept on file.
Aiii. A list of the principles to be followed for safe moving...