Roles, Responsibilties and Boundaires

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Role, responsibilities and boundaries of the teacher......

Sarah Wayt BSc MAR writes that the roles, responsibilities and boundaries are evolving qualities within the teacher which are assessed and reflected upon using the teacher/training cycle; a cycle of assessment planning and review.
Role of a Teacher.
There are many different roles of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector from ensuring teachers treat all their students equally, establishing open and trusting relationships in a safe learning environment and create effective and stimulating opportunities that enable the development and progression of all learners. The teacher is to facilitate communication in such a way that all students are encouraged to enter into a wider debate surrounding the subject they have chosen. Teacher’s have many other roles in the lifelong learning sector from planning the sessions by doing lesson plans, preparation of their teaching materials and the ongoing assessment of their learners and the evaluation of themselves and their delivery whilst following professional values and ethics. Other roles include completing attendance records, learner progress, interviews, tutorials, assessments and a duty of care for the learners. Assessing varying learning styles within a group and considering learner’s motivations and previous experience will help identify various teaching methods   Sessions will also have to incorporate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles to ensure students have equal rights to learning whilst exploring aims and objectives from a different perspective.

Responsibilities of a Teacher.
There are many responsibilities of a teacher from gaining the skills which are required for the subject you wish to teach, having a reasonable level of literacy, numeracy and ICT skills and you may need to take further qualifications as you progress with your career.   The professional who is working in the...