American Civil War

One of great event in the American History which is still give a big influence until today is New Deal . New Deal is programs by President Franklin Delano Rosevelt in the 1930s to help the American society during the Great Depression. In this paper, I choose the Social Security and Health care as the main issues. This is the statement why thats issues also very important: “Public-sector services (particularly in health care,social,and welfare) are central and controversial issue in American politics” (Mauk ,2009:page 257)
Moreover , the effect of New Deal still very big in the public services of America,because some of presidents after FDR still maintaining some of programs from the era of New deal. Even though some of them also fear about the

As we know, the chief cause of the war was slavery. Southern states, including the 11 states that formed the Confederacy, depended on slavery to support their economy. The blacks were being inferior in the America ,they cannot enter school . Then ,most of blacks were illeterate. Since the election of President Lincoln ,it increase the hatred of the Confederacy to the central goverment .According to O’Callaghan, the Southern states took no notice of Lincoln’s appeal and opened fire on Fort Summer that was occupied by United troops. Furthermore, Zinn also stated that the main reason of Lincoln proposed the emancipation proclamation was politic advantages, not ‘really’ want to end the slavery in America. After the emancipation proclamation, the freedman could join and help the Union Army (even they still get unequal treatment and unequal salary).
The result was that brief period after the Civil War in which southern Negroes voted, elected blacks to state legislatures and to Congress, introduced free and racially mixed public education to the South (Zinn, 2010). Although slavery was ended by the war, racism became stronger afterward. According to Zinn, racism in America toward the freedman (ex-slave)...