Important Role Played by Women During the American Civil War.

Important role played by women during the American Civil War.
Women from all the northern states participated in different ways to help. Women undertook working outside the home, endured hardships, and the heartbreak and sorrow as their men and young boys were taken away to fight in the war. Many men died or were maimed for live. There were even women who took up arms themselves and dressed in the uniforms of their deceased fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, fought alongside the men. Three hundred such women have been documented but scholars believe there were many more that were never discovered.
Some served as a volunteer nurse during the Civil War and is credited with starting the American Red Cross. Many women put their own health at risk to volunteer in military hospitals. Some used whatever medical skill she had and organized groups of other women to collect supplies for the men. Provided medical health for men both physically and emotionally.   Some provided meals for the Union soldiers and filled their canteens with water for the Northern soldiers. Some organized charity balls to raise funds for supplies for the troops. Some women formed groups such as the Sanitary Commission and the Christian Commission. These women also traveled with the troops. They were very good for morale. They comforted the lonely men, wrote letters for them, and shared their food. Many more men would have died from disease if it wasn't for the work of these brave women. Most of them were middle or higher class ladies, used to lives of privilege. They gave up their comfortable homes to travel by wagons with the troops, live in tents, and cook over open fires. Some women kept journals and diaries that recorded the day-to-day life during the war years and provided us with a first-hand view of history. Women worked in the camps, and fought on the battlefields and on the home front. Some even risked their lives as spies for the North.
There were thousands of other women who helped...