American Civil War

The Confederacy and the Union in the American Civil War
“Reading history will inspire wisdom.” Francis Bacon wrote it in The Theory of Knowledge. History is precious experience of human being, people learn lessons from it. The American Civil War is a heavy experience in the American history. This only civil war broke out in the American territory since the birth of this country caused undetermined, massive soldiers’ and civilians’ casualties, the destroyed several cities in South. Lots of people believe that the divergence about the slavery between South and North was the reason of the war. But after reading the texts, I did change my mind. The problem of slavery was only a beautiful excuse. Behind the slavery, there excited two governments with the several differences. What happened for the Confederacy and the Union in the war? And the war finally brought the liberation to the Blackman? The answer can be found through the presentation of its causes, process and consequences.
The Civil War was broken out after the presidential election in 1861, because the southerners can not accept a Republican Party who maintains abolishment of slavery won the election. We can understand the secession of South because the slavery is their key labor force, their business and way of life depended on the slave. If the abolishment of slavery was really effected, that would be a choc for the South. But it is strange why the North did not acquiesce the secession of South. It is value to break out a war just to emancipate the Blackman for the North? In that case, I agree with the analysis in “Causes of the American Civil War”, behind the excuse of slavery, there were deep economical, political, social and ideological differences, the slavery issue and the straggle for the new territories in the west. These conflicts existed more than four decades and ended by the war when Lincoln was elected as a president. The southerners’ interpretation for the Constitution is different from the...