American Civil War

The type of war   was American Civil War which started in 1861, lasted four years, came to an end in 1865 with a win for the union and was one of the most interesting.   This war was between the American Union and the 11 Southern Slave States.   When the Southern States separated from the union it formed the Confederacy.  
The moment the war started was when the Confederate forces attacked the installations of the United States of America by Fort Sumter in South Carolina.   Even though the actual war started 1861, it really was fueled earlier when the anti-slave people threatened the unethical usage of slavery in the United States.
The way the war lead up was as follows;   Confederates force attack on the union military at Fort Sumter in South Carolina on April 12, 1861.   Then Abraham Lincoln a republican was elected as president and depended on all the free states to send voluntary forces to recapture the federal property.   This created four more slave states, which brought the total of slaves states to eleven.   Now by this point both sides were upset and brought their armies to war which ended up one of the most ugliest wars.
There were many reasons for the start of this war, but it was mainly because of slavery.   The Southern states were big for agriculture and this caused a need for slaves.   The politicians from the northern states were trying to end slavery but those from the south did not want slavery to end because they needed workers to take care of there crops.  
The income difference of the North and the South created more influence on the war because the industrial economy of the North was much more profitable than the agriculture of the South.   This made the people from the South feel as though the North people were at an advantage.   The people of the South felt also that the Federal Governments would favor the people of the North and end of slavery.
Another major reason for the war was due to the election of Abraham Lincoln who was a Republican and not...