AS-10, 4-27-11
Another Chance Book Review
After reading this book I did learn that not only the addict is suffering but the whole family is suffering also. To treat the acute stag isn’t just to abstinent. The addicts must get professional help. Like inpatient, outpatient with counselor, physicians, clergymen, psychologists, sociologist, pathologist and psychiatrists. Also the personnel of a hospital, doctor, nurses and administrative people we be great help also. All these professional people will give the addicts a much greater chance to understand he has a bad addiction
problem. If the addict has the desire to truly stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. The responsibility in the beginning is for the professional person to do a good screening as possible. Which the professional person must ask the right question and understand the background of the addicts our alcoholics. Like how long he has been drinking our using drugs. What kind of physical, mentally, emotional condition they our in so the professional people can begin a good detoxification and medical doctor our mental doctors. So if the client is clear and ready to start the counseling process. We must also understand the clients culture, environment, social skills, economic situation. So you can have a good understand of the addicts and alcoholics You must build a good relationship with the addict our alcoholic so you can have good Rapport, Show Empathy, Genuineness, Attentiveness, Respect, Immediacy, Concreteness, Warmth, Listening, Reflecting, Question, Confronting. The addicts and alcoholic needs all feeling to be able to grow toward recovery. Also the addict and the alcoholics must understand who to work with other addicts and alcoholics in a group setting. I do understand how important it is for the clients to have group setting and other and other it may be difficult in the beginning to participant because this is all new to them but as time goes on some may start to feel conferrable in...