How would you feel if someone you loved lost their life to drugs? Well, people are losing family and friends to drug addiction every day. So how do we help them? Or can we? The first part of helping a situation is to understand why it occurs. If you have someone who is a victim of substance abuse, you should understand why they started using. It can be deeper than the top layer. There is still hope after drug addiction and they can overcome. It will take encouragement, understanding and knowledge of the problem at hand. Whether it is a family member, a close friend, or within yourself, drugs do not have to take life as you know it, or slowly cause death.
The cause of drug addiction is known or thought to be a wide variety of reasons. People get what they call “high” on drugs to get a feeling of self-satisfaction, of elation, and of euphoria. After the substance is used it alters the level of their conscience. It has also been said that someone partake in the use of drugs due to child hood trauma, or there upbringing. Theories have said for some it originates as a way to rebel against parents or imitate elders. Dr. David N. Nurco writes that many addicts come from home situations where the father was absent or punitive, and the mother was permissive or inconsistent or it was a single parent home. Dr. Lawrence J. Hatterer has a similar conclusion. His finding say that people with more injurious addictions come from neglect by one or both parents causing the child to lack the knowledge of how to deal with disappointment and failure. It is also said that if a child is criticized or punished too much they may take drugs as a way of punishing themselves for being “bad”. Although these reasons may have a part they are inadequate to explain the universal use of drugs by human beings. For years people wonder the reason people use, but in fact, there may be as much reasons people take drugs as there are people who use drugs.
Addiction and its details vary a great deal,...