Heroin Addiction

The Tragedy of Heroin Addiction

I chose the topic of heroin addiction mainly because a close friend of mine passed away last year of a heroin overdose. More then anything I would love to find out as much information as I can to help prevent others from following his path. I also want to understand what he went through, and the reasons were that he couldn’t break the habit no matter how hard he tried. I want to understand and pass on the dangers of heroin use, and the damage that it can cause to not only yourself, but also friends and family around you.
This topic is important to the field of human development because heroin, along with several other drugs, are rapidly becoming one of the biggest killers of teenagers today. These silent killers are becoming easier, and cheaper to obtain and the risks are growing just as quickly. I believe that it is important that the field of human development work hard with the drug enforcement agencies to make sure people get all of the facts about heroin and these other common drugs. Its significance is important to help make sure that people know the consequences of their actions if they are to try these drugs, and how dangerous they actually are.
This paper will contribute to the field of human development in many of the same ways that it is significant to the field. I hope to pass on the information that I have learned to other people in hopes that it will stop them from using heroin. I want to pass on the information that I have learned about the dangers and effects of this very dangerous drug. In turn I hope this information will benefit other human beings by keeping them clean and alive.
The first article that I will be using is called "The Tragedy of Heroin Addiction" written by Curtis P. McMaster. Curtis P McMaster is a primary counselor at the Institute for Human Development, a substance abuse rehabilitation center in New Jersey, so I find that the information in this article is relevant and accurate. The article...