Game Addiction

An addict is one that abandons oneself to something compulsively or obsessively.   We've all heard of the drug addict as the one who flushes their life down the toilet but there are more things than just drugs in this world that you can get addicted to.   “Evercrack” is a slang term for the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Everquest.   Evercrack refers to the addictive nature of the game by comparing it to an addiction to crack.   The emotional, physical and mental lives of many have been affected by an addiction to video games.   Addiction to MMORPG's is not a well known problem but one that seriously affects the individuals that get hooked.   Humans have literally killed for and died from overuse of the new found drug known as MMORPG's.
Gamer addicts have been found to pull themselves away from society to spend more time in their game of choice.   In order to prevail in a game, a person must spend a considerable amount of time playing, and the first place that a true gameaholic withdraws time from is their social life. It starts with a small insignificant social encounter such as a lunch break with a co-worker, but the severity of the seclusion builds as time progresses.   Once addicted, some people   have fled their home and loved ones in order to be able to focus all their time and efforts on the game.   An old friend of my uncle's actually got together with a group of his friends and killed his entire immediate family in order to prevent them from moving him out of town and separating him from his Dungeon's and Dragon's buddies. Certainly, the emotional connection that these gameaholics share with their games is indeed a very strong one.
The physical aspects of being addicted to games is somewhat different from that of other addictions.   As gaming is not a very outdoorsy event, the skin of a true gamer is much paler from lack of exposure to the sun.   It is also very degenerative to the muscles to sit in one spot and do very little...