Alcohol Addiction in Teens

As teens start to get older, drinks start to show up at parties. It is important for people not to be introduced to alcohol at a young age as side effects are a lot more serious as well as addiction. When throwing an underage party, the most effective way to prevent things under-the-influence of alcohol happening is to not have any alcohol in the first place. If that isn’t possible, little alcohol as possible should be provided, and people encouraged to mix their drinks with un-alcoholic beverages (eg. Coke). Other drinks and plenty of food must be available so guests won’t turn straight to alcohol. Generally if reliable people are invited and there’s music or other entertainment, things should go smoothly. Supervision is also a must if alcohol is provided and people invited are likely to be influenced by it.

If you are attending a party where alcohol is going to be offered or available, it is good to keep some things in mind; make sure you are around friends and people you know that will look out for you if things get messy. Know if a party will be supervised and the people hosting it. Limit yourself to how much you drink; be familiar with the standard drink levels. Always keep your drink close by so it isn’t drugged. If you start to lose focus or control, find a place away from the crowd to cool down and drink plenty of water.