Dave is a drug addict. Although, at the time, Dave had no idea what he was about to do was going to haunt him for a large part of his life. One night he decided to try something new out and since then he has had to pay the consequences.

Since the years that Dave quit using drugs, his health has definitely gone downhill, some of the adverse affects of him doing drugs for so many years.   At first, I didn’t notice it very much because it became a part of his life style and part of his persona. The ideas behind government conspiracy slowly but surely tuned into Dave getting so paranoid people were after him, and his money, that doctors started believing that Dave had the beginning signs of schizophrenia.   This is when all of us, who are his friends, had to start making up excuses and defending his actions to other people. After a while we started having to make excuses on why Dave was losing so much weight and not looking   healthy. We would go along with his excuse about his stressful home life. As his addiction was getting worse, even we were starting to fall off the Dave band wagon. For some reason, enough was starting to become enough when Dave’s aggressive nature started coming out. Since I am the closest friend with Dave, I didn’t notice when he became physically aggressive; until one night after I let Dave stay over.   When he came down, we got in to a heated argument about drugs ,and before I knew it, I was in a shoving match with Dave. That’s when I finally started to realize that the comments about him being short tempered were true. I guess that some times when you don’t want to see a problem it’s just easier not to admit it’s there.

When Dave is on drugs we would occasionally make a comment about the situation. Dave would simply state that what he does only effects him, so we should stay out of his business. What Dave didn’t realize was that his drug use affects the many people who cared about him. At first his girlfriend thought it was a phase that he...