Abortion- Is It Murder?

Christie Bomesberger
                                                                                                    ENG101: First-Year Composition
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Leona Morales
                                                                                                                              October 4th, 2012
Abortion: Is it Murder?

Do we have the right to end a human life? In the United States, abortion is legal for any woman wishing to terminate her pregnancy. In the UK, over 170 thousand abortions are performed every year. We ask ourselves, Is this morally right? The life of every human, in God’s eyes, is precious. The Bible states that murder is the intentional killing of innocent human life. The sixth commandment states “Thou shall not murder”. Yet, many women ignore the scriptures and continue to make decisions to end their baby’s life.
The unborn embryo has a heartbeat 4 weeks after conception. By week five, the embryo is developing the brain, spinal cord, and organs. Most abortions are performed in the first trimester. The most common abortion is performed in the clinic. The physician uses a hand held suction device and inserts it into the mother’s cervix to reach the uterus.   The fetus (unborn child) is then removed and discarded (thrown away).  
Women who decide to have abortions are not considered to be murderers by law, and do not receive any type of punishment. Yet, this is an intentional killing. If a man strikes another with an object and kills him, he is a murderer, and will be punished by law, and may even be sentenced to death. What is the difference between them? Having an abortion is carefully thought out, and planned by the mother and physician. Is this a pre-meditated murder?
Numerous scriptures point to the personhood of the unborn child. “Brephos” describes the unborn, the newborn, and the infant. The...