Murder Most Foul

there is a present heartbeat, is murder. By this reason the mother should be tried for murder and all others having a hand in it should be tried for conspiracy to murder.

.. As far as the statement "the right to choose” I wish they would just finish the sentence, “It's a woman’s right to choose to terminate her unborn babies life.” But it sounds so nice just leaving it at "the right to choose" The potential even in the early stages of development is immense, but most of all it is human life. Not a roach or a plant. This is an innocent human life with unlimited potential and some think its okay to kill that? Because, in their opinion it will be born into a bad situation that obviously it will never be able to overcome. We decide what is the appropriate life situation for a child to be born into. And its not like it will be wasted right? We can harvest its organs and cells to help us. It would create an industry and isn’t it really about jobs so we can buy our toys and maintain our lifestyle.

Abortion isn't a "medical procedure" like people like to call it. It's the relentless slaughter of an innocent baby.Those who support abortion have absolutely no respect at all for human life. It's not a "clump of cells". It's a living life. It has its own unique DNA at the very moment of conception. It has a heartbeat at 3 weeks, and moves inside the mother shortly after that.You're terribly mistaken if you don't believe that it's alive, and you probably won't understand until you've children of your own.Abortion is legal murder. In Germany, in Hitler's time, it was OK to kill Jews, which is of course immoral. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.I don't believe anyone has the right to tamper with God's creation. The woman nor the government decides, the baby that is developing inside has every right to live. Abortion is denying the developing baby's basic right- life.The way they do abortions are horrible. Sometimes they burn the innocent life alive with salt...