Abortion is murder!

      In my opinion, abortion is nothing short of murder. I believe that life is a gift from God, and that no man has the right to decide who is born and who is not.    For years many different people from many different walks of life have had different opinions about abortion. For some abortion is never wrong, for others under certain circumstances it is O.K., and for still some others it is never right. Abortion is wrong not only because it goes against what God has said, but also because most women are so rushed into and unsure about their decision they regret it later in life. 

      This controversy is not new, nor is it anywhere near over.   The issue of abortion has many facets. Some feel if a mother’s health is at risk she should be allowed to terminate a pregnancy.   Debates rage as to whether it should be solely the decision of the pregnant woman, or if the father should also have rights in the decision.   Another area of debate is when tests show the child might have physical or cognitive disabilities.   In my opinion, this was the beginning of the end for a moral society.

      Some think it is O.K. to have an abortion if the health of the mother is in danger, and they might be right, but my question is why is the mother’s health more important than the child’s life?   Who besides God has the right to decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t?   I feel that God has the ultimate say in which life is the most important.

      I believe the father should have a right to demand a woman not have an abortion because the child is as much his as it is hers.   If the woman doesn’t want the child, then she can give it to the father after birth, but she should not have the right to kill the baby just because it will inconvenience her.   If she did not want to have a child, she shouldn’t have participated in the act that made the child.

      A baby is a gift from God.   No matter what mental or physical condition, it is a...