A Visit of Charity

“I’m a Campfire Girl” quote is symbolizing a young woman representing the good of people. (Clifford 82) This represents a young woman showing good conduct because she is helping out her community and doing well to others. Also a Campfire Girl symbolizes America. It symbolizes America because this shows that we have young women wanting to do stuff to make our community a better place to live and be happy. A Campfire Girl can be symbolizing a well role model. A well role model would be symbolizing a Campfire Girl because a Campfire Girl shows respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, and courage.
“Flowers!” screamed the old woman. (Clifford 84) Flowers are a great symbol for caring. This would be a great way to show someone that you really care for them. You are using the flowers to symbolize how much you adore this person without even saying anything to them. “Pretty Flowers,” the first old woman insisted. (Clifford 22)   No matter how old you are flowers are the way you should symbolize how you feel about that person or feel towards anyone. “The poppy’s vivid saturated redness allows a direct relationship between its color and the subject of war sacrifice.” (Elisa 236)  
“One of her hands was drawn out from under the patched counterpane.” (Clifford 85-86) A counterpane symbolizes warmth. This symbolizes warmth because it is a bedspread and a bedspread is there to keep you warm. Also it symbolizes comfort because you are lying in bed trying to stay warm and you are comfortable to cover up with it and sleep. A gift would symbolize a counterpane. This would symbolize a counterpane because someone you love or someone that cares can either make it for you or buy it. It would be a great gift because it symbolizes loving and caring for you.