Charity Appeal

Dear Sir/Madam,
As the Deputy Head of Fundraising in The Prince’s Trust I make this urgent appeal on their and my own behalf to request for your financial assistance.
I have been given one of the most challenging and difficult yet honourable and rewarding task of raising funds for the Trust to carry out his noble duty.
As you may be well aware that The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity that was established in 1976 by Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, to help vulnerable and disadvantage young people in the whole UK in variety of ways. It gives them the tool to overcome the barriers they face and let them reach the bright and promising side of their life and future. Services offered include ,but not limited to, training, personal development, helping to set up a business, advice, financial and practical help and support.
The Trust is proud of their achievement. It has been a tremendous success. Its record shows that more than three quarter of all young people it supported in 2004 moved into employment, education or training. It helped since 1983 over 60,000 youth set up in business. Furthermore, the business programme we run to help young people develop their musical talents reveals   that 95% of them became self-employed or went into alternative employment. Undoubtedly this achievement could not be possible without the generosity, cooperation and support of people like you.
The purpose of this letter is to seek your immediate attention to our noble cause and support The Trust financially as well as practically such as offering work placement opportunities. Any support that can be given would be extremely welcomed. It is worth mentioning that The Prince’s Trust needs to raise at least £1 million every week in order to be able to continue its mission. You give, we exist.
As everyone else, we, at the Trust, feel the pinch and the pain of the recession and the global financial turmoil. Charities like us under the present economic climate are...