Moma Visit

Art History II
Prof. Cac 

MoMa Visit

      Last Friday I went to visit the MOMA as part of a class assignment. At first I did not want to go because I didn’t think there would be anything in there that would catch my interest, little did I know I would be heading back there the very next week to see the Tim Burton exhibition, and of course explore that museum one more time in case I missed anything from my previous visit.
The first time I went was a Friday, the only day that is free to go in, and of course being free it was natural that it was going to be crowded; when I got there I saw that it was a little more crowded than I thought. When I went to receive the free ticket I had to go to the back of the line which went to almost the end of the block, the museum employees tried to keep our morale up by making a joke every now and then. The employees at the front of the line that were giving out the tickets looked as if they were 5 minutes away from a breakdown.
As soon as I managed to go past the security checking the tickets I saw the reason why the museum was so crowded on that day. The Tim Burton exhibition was finally opened. Since the floor that had the Tim Burton exhibition was packed I decided to head to the fifth floor and work my way down little by little. When I got to the fifth floor I noticed something that I found pretty cool. The architecture in the MoMa is pretty interesting, for example the walk ways look as if they were weak and would collapse as soon as three people would walk upon it at the same time, and yet there were like 20+ people just standing there and many more walking by, the stair cases had glass panels that allowed you to see some of the zig zag patterns.
The fifth floor was the home of the Bauhaus exhibition; I spent a little time reading their time line, I later moved on to see their work. What I noticed about their style is that they emphasized 90 degree angles and quadrilateral shapes. This was true for a lot of the...