Analysis of Direct Marketing Appeals Used by Charities

Assignment 3

1. Introduction

In this assignment, I provide my critical analysis of three advertisements that ask viewers to donate to Merlin. As the three are very similar in style and content, I have focussed on analysing the first clip featuring Hugh Bonneville. Although much of my analysis of the first clip applies to all three clips, I have commented on and analysed the other two clips where they differ from the first.

2. Overview

Clip 1: Hugh provides the narrative in this short advertisement that features a multitude of compelling images featuring Merlin’s medical relief work, and the case for supporting Merlin through regular giving.

Clip 2: An anonymous narrator introduces us to Cal, a child, as an example of how Merlin helps, explaining how a surgeon can save his feet, and his life. The viewer is asked to help through a “life saving” donation of £1 a week.

Clip 3: Video clips show adults who look traumatised and in need of medical assistance, and we are introduced to Machira whose baby needs urgent treatment for Malaria, and Muchtiar who needs treatment following an earthquake. The viewer is asked to help by making a donation of £1 a week.

3. Objective

All clips: Through engaging the target audience with the need for Merlin’s work, the aim is to set out the case for supporting Merlin by making a regular donation of £1 a week.

4. Target audience and timing

All clips: The viewers of the television channel on which the advertisement is aired. Viewing times and channels on which the clip was aired are not known; therefore the exact target audience is unknown.

It is assumed that the donations are treated as unrestricted funds for Merlin, for use wherever needed the most, overseas or at their UK headquarters. As we know that the public are motivated to give to charities who provide medical relief during natural and man made disasters (for example the British Red Cross’s Syria appeal), the response rate and ROI may be improved...