Visiting China

I believe that visiting China during the month of August this year, 2008, is the ideal time to explore this third-largest country in the world that is rich in its history and culture as well as its natural wonders. China has not only one of the best natural and cultural attractions in world, but also has one of the most major and important attraction in the world ever - the Olympic Games - which many would not want to miss to attend this once in four years rare event and at the same time, take the opportunity to explore this beautiful and unique nation.

Firstly, the 2008 Olympic Games happen to be held during the month of August this year in the capital city of China, Beijing. As China is hosting an international event and welcomes millions of people from around the world, it would be an honor to go to China as a representative of all Australian citizens to support Australian sports men and women at an Olympic event as well as bringing the spirit of Australia.

It is important that these national heroes know that they are not the only one and that they have supporters behind them who would motivate and cheer them on. It would also be exciting to watch them live and not over the television at home. In addition, it would be thrilling as well to be part of large crowd and an amazing atmosphere where everyone is tensed and soaring in cheers during a race.  

Secondly, since China has opened her doors to the whole world during the month of August, the month that Olympic Games is held in China, she expects millions of visitors and thus, I personally believe that she is at her best in displaying her unique culture which makes it also a good time for supporters to drop by at some cultural attractions.  

One place of interests that depict best of her culture is the Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing where it now houses the Palace Museum. It is an interesting and enriching place to build up knowledge about ancient and modern day China after watching sporting...