A Passion for Life

A Passion For Life

“Carpe Diem!”   Indeed, the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” is about young men learning to look at life in a different way.   When a former student becomes the new English teacher at a private academy for boys and his first lesson is “seize the day”, quite a revolution was started.   The Dead Poet Society’s theme, foreshadowing, and various conflicts make a great story.  
The setting is a private school for boys in Vermont, Welton Academy, in the year 1959.  
Roommates, Todd and Neil are entering their new English class and a totally different way to view life.   Todd is an extremely shy boy living in the shadow of his older brother, and Neil is a young man under his father’s rule constantly. In the first class, Mr. Keating wants to get rid of any rumors the boys may have heard.   He tells them, “Yes, I too attended Hell-ton and survived.”   After his talk he takes the class outside. This view from the new English teacher, Mr. Keating, is opposite from what they have been taught. Some like it and some do not.   With his unique teaching methods, he tells the students about poetry and why he loves it. He shows them how to analysis poetry with their heart not their mind.   He tells them about a group that he was part of when he was a student at Welton.   It was a group that met in a cave to read poetry on a regular basis and encourage each other to be themselves and act as individuals. They were known as the Dead Poets Society.   Several of the boys begin to see life in a different way and decided to start their own Dead Poets Society.   Mr. Keating’s way of viewing life and teaching is opposite of the schools traditional policies that attempts to make the boys conform.   Another theme that runs thru the story is that of parent verses child.   Neil’s father wants complete control of him, but Neil listens to Mr. Keating and wants to do other things.   At the fist meeting of the new Dead Poets Society, Neil read a poem that will foreshadow what is to come-his...