The Secret to Life

The Secret to Life

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1. Are You Trapped in the Matrix of Your Mind? 2
2. Getting to Know The Creature You Call Your Mind 5
3. Your Mind Can Be An Ally And Greatest Enemy 8
4. How to Master Your Mind 11
5. The Wonders of Having a Strong Consciousness 14

  1. Are You Trapped in the Matrix of Your Mind?

Have you wondered what life is about and how you can live to your fullest potential? I hope to give you an idea in weekly articles over the next five weeks.

Remember The Matrix, the hugely popular and successful film trilogy? This science fiction movie revolves around how man’s over-dependence on robotics and artificial intelligence led to machines taking over the world.

In the human’s losing war against the machines, man irreversibly scorched the sky, blocking out the sunlight which is the machines’ source of power. Man won the next few battles but eventually lost the war, when machines, in all their genius, learnt how to harness energy from man’s body! Thus, human fetuses were grown in electronic fields, harvested and kept in cocoons where energy such as heat and electrical impulses from the body are harnessed. The human mind is kept alive by being connected in a computer programme called The Matrix – which simulates the world as it was before the machines took over. Thus, humans went about their “lives” in the virtual reality world of The Matrix. We were essentially reduced to human batteries for the machines.

Don’t you think this is a scary and dismal thought of the future? But what if I told you that many people today, in this real, tangible world of ours, are indeed living in some kind of Matrix – not the computer programme world of the movie – but a Matrix created by our own minds?

Imagine for a moment your mind as a separate entity with a life of its own. This mind creature of ours absorbs our consciousness into its thoughts. By thoughts here I refer to mental images, music or sounds we hear in our heads, reflections...