Scholarship App Essay

It has been a goal of mine for quite sometime to get my bachelors degree. My goals have changed and evolved throughout the years but the desire to get my education has always been there. Instead of going to University right after high school like everyone else around me, I decided to follow my dreams of being a ballet dancer. I moved to New York City after I graduated high school to study at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. Going on to dance professionally after finishing my training. At this point I was living my dream, and the thought of going to back school was impossible. My schedule of training, rehearsing, auditioning, and performing would never allow me to go school.
While shooting a show I met a fellow model that was taking online courses and she explained how it is the perfect platform for people like us who have hectic schedules and are traveling a lot. I immediately started looking into applying to online programs, which led me to Kaplan University. After a bit of researching and exploring my options, I decided this was the way to go to finally begin to get my education.
I am enrolled in Kaplan University as a Communications major with an emphasis in technical communications. My goal is to become a technical writer, specifically a grant writer. This will allow me to give back to society by supporting causes I am interested in, whether it be a dance company or a conservation organization, by helping to get government and/or private funding they need. My two biggest passions in life are the arts and the preservation of marine life. I would love to be involved with groups that support and fund these two passions of mine and it would be most fulfilling if I could use my education to help get funding for projects I believe in.