A Nursing Diagnosis

A nursing diagnosis can be defined as clinical reference point used in coming up with a solution to a person’s issues ,which is in this case a health perspective   .   As a reference point it provides for accountability on the part of the nurse in selection of the best options to achieve a desired outcome (NANDA –I 2009).
Chronic Self esteem
This is a psychological disorder   where a person has developed a continuous habit of having negative evaluation about themselves.
Typically a person with chronic self-esteem never focuses on their positive qualities at any one time but always downplaying them. It is also worth noting that the   person will tend to judge themselves inferior to their   peers . Often they tend to use no positive words to describe themselves.
When given an undertaking they will blame themselves when things go wrong instead of taking into account other things over which they have no control such as the actions of other people or economic forces.
They will always think they are being flattered when a person compliments them .   Their minds have been set to always receive negative responses.
In dealing with self-esteem the first and most important thing to do is to change the environment of the client. This would entail having the client to reside at my institution. This is important because   the environment according to the proven research plays a big role in ones self-esteem .
The next step would be to talk to the client on his or her positive attributes .This can be enhanced by talking about ones attributes and being enthusiastic about them . This makes a client to also have a high sense of their attributes. Telling the client some of testimonies of people that believed in themselves even when their missions seemed impossible would also help develop a spirit of self believe as they will have a character to benchmark on.
Using science as a weapon, exercising has been known to be a good boost to the brain for all kinds of things but especially in...