Family Health Assessment


Family health assessment of a family
Doraine Lopex
Grand Canyon University
NRS-429V Family-Centered Health Promotion
Teresa Ortner, RNC, MSNEd
Deborah Stucker, BSN
December 16th 2011

Family assessments are used to find out if a family is functionally healthy and to identify problems or potential issues within the family.   It is another tool for nurses to acquire information about the patient’s environment.   What comprises their family interactions, values, beliefs, and coping mechanisms?   This will allow the nurse to gather as much data to provide adequate family care and support, as well as to the patient.

Family health assessment of a family
According to Edelman and Mandle, (2010), this theory states that,” any change in one family member will affect the entire family unit.”   The members of the family that this nurse choose were the Lopex family.   Their participation was met with resistance and hesitation.   The reason given is that they are a private family and did not want to air problems or potential issues that exist in the family unit.   Doraine used as a backdrop for her questions Gordon’s functional health assessment questioner.
The Lopex family is comprised of Doraine (48 yrs.).   Rudy-spouse (47yrs), Emily (22yrs.), Gabriel (21yrs.), Mariah (20 yrs.), Cheyenne (15 yrs.), and Aarron (14yrs.).   Doraine and Rudy have been married for 25 yrs.   Of the children, two live outside of the home.   Emily attends Grand Canyon University doing her undergraduate program in Psychology.   Gabriel attends Pima Community College doing his prerequisites for entrance into the University of Arizona.   He lives with his girlfriend and is expecting a child in February.   Mariah lives at home and attends the University of Arizona majoring in Forensic Anthropology.   The Gordon questioner will only involve Doraine, Rudy, Cheyenne, and Aarron.   However, there may be some overlap of Gabriel and Emily as...