Spirituality Reflection Essay

This essay reflects on a patient's situation from a recent clinical placement experience. The purpose of this reflection is to identify, understand and recognise the role of a nurse in supporting and improving individuals spirituality as a result of chronic illness, dying and disability.

Mrs C   a 55 year old woman was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. Mrs C had to go through mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. She   never made any complaint even though she was in a lot of pain   because she did not want to burden the nurses. During the handover it was mentioned that the results of her CAT scan showed that the cancer had spread to her lungs,liver and brain. It was obvious that the the cancer was no longer responding to treatment. Mrs C was notified of this news.

The next morning, while attending to Mrs C's personal hygiene, she had mentioned that she would like to go home and would like to discuss this matter with the   doctors. When the doctors came around, Mrs C was told that they were not keen on the idea of her going home because of other complications with her illness. She also had Ascites and doctors have put into plan of   draining the fluid which required for her to stay in the hospital indefinitely. She was to be advised of when the procedure was to take place. They did not think that her husband would be able cope in caring for her as she would need a 24 hour care at home. Her husband lives alone and their two daughters live Interstate.

The following day   Mrs. C had refused to have her breakfast and seemed very upset. She also had trouble sleeping and very agitated. She had requested for the nurse to call her husband and daughters. While attending to her, she expressed how frustrated   and angry she was with the doctors decision. She said she did not want to die alone in the hospital. “ Why are they keeping me here?” “ I do not have long to go and there is nothing more they can do for me” she cried. She wanted to...