Corneal Transplant

My case study will critically analyse and evaluate a patient I cared for in an ophthalmic day surgery. This case study will be based on an episode of care for a patient with complex care needs during a long day shift. The patient came to the hospital for surgery to the left eye due to trauma caused by a fall in her home.
The operation that performed was Left keratoplasty and penetrating graft. For the purpose of confidentiality and anonymity as part of the NMC Code of Professional Conduct (2008), my chosen patient will be referred to as Mrs Y. A summary of the patient is described in appendix 1. Also attached as an appendix 1, is a signed verification slip by my mentor at the placement area stating that this is a true account of a patient I have participated in caring for.
In this essay, I will discuss the relevant pathophysiology and pharmacology related to the patient’s condition and the rationale for the given care. This will be done by using relevant supporting literature, government/clinical guidelines and hospital policies. I will also discuss the significance of the roles of the various MDT members that were involved in the care of my chosen patient.
I will then generate an actual care plan that clearly identifies the nursing problems of the patient from which a validated nursing diagnosis will be initiated. This will be followed by goals outlined for each nursing diagnosis consisting of measurable behaviours of my patient. Interventions will then be outlined giving supporting rationale which will be presented for each nursing intervention. This will be attached as Appendix 2.  
In the concluding part of the essay, I will evaluate the effectiveness of the care that I gave to my patient by discussing the outcome for the patient with regards to aspects of the care that well and why.

I was introduced to Mrs Y who was admitted pre-operatively to gain her consent for me to participate in her care post-operatively. The NMC code of professional conduct...