2.1 Explain the Skills Needed to Communicate with Children and Young People.

Effective communication is a vital part of the teaching assistant role. The skills needed are both verbal and non verbal.   I think it is really important that you give the child or young person the opportunity to talk about their views or concerns. For example, in my setting, we have a weekly class assembly where the children are encouraged to discuss any issues about school life which are bothering them.   This gives the children a feeling of identity and belonging   and shows them that they are part of the school community.

It is vital that you value the child's views and show that you are actively listening.   You can do this by maintaining eye contact and asking appropriate questions. Smiling and   facial expressions also show you are interested. If it is a younger child you should get down to their level   to talk to them (as it can be very intimidating to have an adult towering above), enabling them to feel secure and confident.

2.2 Explain how to adapt communication with children and young people for:
(a) the age of the child or young person
(b) the context of the communication
(c) communication differences

To build a positive relationship with a child or young person requires you to be adaptable in your behaviour   and communication.   I have to consider my behaviour when working with any individual or group to ensure that they feel secure and valued   regardless of their age, ability or culture.

(a) the age of the child or young person
How you communicate with children or young people will differ based on their age. I would not speak to a 4 year old in the same way as I would a child in year 6.   I would need to adjust my choice of words so that they suited the age of the child and would be understood.   Younger children who are new to the school may need lots of reassurance.   For example, at playtime they may want to hold my hand until they feel secure in their new environment.   This little interaction will hopefully lead to a trusting relationship...