207: Communication with Children and Young People

Discussion about Healthy Eating

I choose to take a group of seven children for this assignment. They were all Year 1 children, of similar ability, aged between 5 and 6 years of age.   The group consisted of 4 boys and 3 girls, all of whom have low levels of listening, writing and communication skills.

The children were seated around a table in the school hall. The table had a selection of fruit and vegetables on it, so that the children had visual props in front of them.   I made a seating arrangement plan beforehand, showing where the children would sit. This is because I knew that some of the children may be distracted by others in the group.

I introduced the children to the main activity; by explaining to them clearly and calmly, what I expected and wanted them to do by the end of the session. I explained that we all needed to listen to each other, concentrate and that we would all have a chance to speak. I gave the children 2 to 3 minutes to pick up and feel the fruit and vegetables, whilst explaining about the other activities which we were going to do, i.e. Group work using flash cards and drawing a healthy plate of food.

I checked that the children understood the activities by asking them to relay the instructions back to me, each time we did a different activity. I then grouped the children into 3 groups and gave them a set of flash cards which consisted of healthy/non healthy foods. I asked them, with in their groups, to place each card into a pile of healthy/non healthy foods, encouraging them to talk and discuss about what they saw in each picture, with each other, and listening to each other’s ideas.

Group 1 – came up with 2 piles, consisting of healthy and non healthy.
Group 2 –   also came up with 2 plies of healthy and non healthy.
Group 3   – came up with 3 piles of, healthy, non healthy and not sure.   The not sure pile consisted of a pizza with vegetable and chocolate milk. They realised that part of the food was healthy.