1.2 Describe with Examples Influences That Affect Childrens Development

There are many influences that can affect a child’s development. The key areas are the environment, health and background.


  * Local facilities/resources
  * Housing
  * Educational authority
  * Cultural
  * Affluent/rural area

The availability of facilities within the child’s geographical area could affect their development greatly. Where the child lives for example could be very important to their development both socially and emotionally. The area would need to have a good choice of schools for the parents to send their children. The services and opportunities present in the area will also play a part. Ideally the area should give the child access to a library, parks, community centres and leisure facilities for them to get together, play and be safe. If it is a built up area, then pollution maybe an issue causing health issues such as asthma. However, a built up area may also bring the benefit of employment to the area along with a diverse culture.
The child’s home and home environment could also influence development. If the house has space to play for example and is not overcrowded it could allow the child more freedom to play, invent games and enjoy fresh air in the garden. The home itself needs to be a safe environment for the child. A home that has mold or damp issues can lead to ill health. A positive role model within the household will also further develop the child and possibly provide stimulation.


  * Nutritional knowledge
  * Special educational needs
  * Medical conditions
  * Hearing and speech
  * Smoking at home
  * Drugs and alcohol
  * Disability

It is very important that a child has a healthy diet. The correct nutrition can have a direct impact on the child’s development. Eating a healthy diet will avoid weight gain which could cause self-esteem issues, problems with concentration at school or home and lack of energy to participate in physical activities.  
Some children are...