Understand the Kinds of Influences That Affect Children and Young People’s Development

Outcome 2: Understand the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s             development

2.1 Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including:
a) background
b) health
c) environment

Background and family environment
Children and young people will come from a range of cultures, environments and circumstances and many families will go through significant changes during the time a child is at school. Such changes may include bereavement, family breakdown, arrival of new sibling, moving house or moving country. Any one of these may affect a child’s emotional and/or intellectual development. For example, a child whose parents are going through a break up can find the event particularly confusing and stressful and may become emotionally withdrawn and due to the upheaval they may lose focus at school and suffer intellectually as they find it difficult to concentrate and work to the teachers expectations.

Developmental opportunities of a child or young person may be restricted due to poor health or a physical disability or impairment. For example, a child with a medical condition may be less able to participate in some activities than other children which may initially affect physical development but subsequently may also affect social development as they are unable to take part in activities. Depending on the extent to which the child is affected and their own awareness of it, the child may feel excluded or incapable leading to a lack of self esteem, affecting their emotional development. It is important that children are supported to include them as much as possible whilst being aware of how these factors may affect a child or young person.

Poverty and deprivation
A child or young person’s development will be significantly affected by poverty and deprivation. Statistics show that children from deprived backgrounds are less likely to thrive and achieve in school as...