An Explanation of How Your Own Working Practice Can Affect Children Development

Anna Kinder

CYPCore 32.
Children learn through imitation so they need to have good role models. It is important to teach children that all people are valuable, whatever their gender, race, ability or background. I can give them an example to follow and affect their development in the good way. All nannies’s working with children and young people have an absolute duty to safeguard and protect children/young people from harm and this mean breaking confidences by sharing information in order to protect and dealing with the very difficult situations that can arise as a result. Working with children/young people I need to be confident and competent in providing the fundamental aspects of care. This gives confidence to the child/young person and their parents. I have to make sure that my behaviour, relationships with children/parents/staff, language as also materials, resources and activities are appropriate. Using inappropriate for children’s age and needs materials and activities might discourage the child or potentially harm the child (physically or mentally). As a nanny I need to be able to understand which activities will help children to develop as well as being able to support children in a range of situations. E.g. If I will set up an activity which involves two wheel bikes for 3 years old children I risk that most of them will fall down, hurt themselves or refuse to take part in the activity as they might be afraid. I have to be aware that 3 years old are able to ride three wheelers not two wheels bikes; I have to respect their abilities and personal needs. “ Every child develops at their own pace and in unique ways…A good understanding of child development is essential to prepare for and promote every child’s individual development and ensure the best outcome. “ Understanding the EYFS, 2008; unit 6.0. If I do not practice properly, then the children will not be learning properly. By doing observations and assessment I will be able to plan for the...