Understand the Kinds of Influences That Affect Children and Young People’s Development.

Understand the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development.

Children and young people come from a very wide range of different family environments, cultures and circumstances. For example their parents may come from a different country and they may have different religious beliefs. This may affect a child or young person as they will be taught something different when their at home and the school may be teaching them something else and this may confuse the child or young person. There may also be a language issue as the child or young person may speak the same language as their parents at home they may have problems speaking English at school.

If a child or young person suffer from poor health or a physical disability this may restrict their development opportunities. For example, a child or young person that have medical condition may not be able to take part in some activity unlike other child or young person this may start to affect their physical development as well as restrict their social activity, for example when the child or young person is out in the playground it could also start to be an impact on their emotional development. It is very important that teachers or other adults are aware of how the child or young person may be affected by these condition as well as circumstance and so that they can be given the right support and to ensure that they can be included as much as possible.

Families that have confident about their future income as well as their finances will have more of a choose were they would like to live and how they would like their lifestyle to be but a family that is on lower income will not have the choose on were they would like to live and will not be able to have the lifestyle they would like. For example a family that is   on a higher income will be able to send their child or young person to a private school or college which will give them a better education...