Understanding the Influences That Affect Children and Young People


How children and young people develop can all be influenced by a wide range of factors within their lives. Such as,
Their background
Their health
The environment in which they are growing up in.
These will all have an impact on the different areas of development.

Pupils' background and family environment
All pupils will come from a range of family environments, cultures and circumstances all of which will have an impact on their development whether emotional, intellectual and/ or social.
These factors can include a family break-up or the introduction of a new partner and /or new baby, bereavement, illness, moving house or a change of country. All of these may result in you noticing a change in a child’s behavior and ability to learn.
Take a family separation for example; a child may become withdrawn, weepy, confused and angry. They may begin to act out taking out their frustrations on other students or teachers, as a school they need to be able to deal with any situation.
Pupils' health
Ill health, disability or impairment within a child’s life may cause a restriction on a child’s development. A child has any one of these may be less able to participate in some activities with other children whether in the classroom or on the playground, this then having an effect on their physical development and their social development.
Another development that may have an impact is their emotional development. Schools need to be aware of the child’s limitations and how they can support them and ensure that the child is included in activities as much as possible. Children are very aware of any differences within their abilities and schools need to ensure that the child’s emotional development is as stable as any other child regardless of their illness or disability.
Poverty and deprivation
Another aspect that may have an impact is poverty and deprivation within the home....