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  • Otto Von Bismarck - His Policies Of German Unification

    was a towering figure who put his stamp on his age, as Luther and Metternich had done earlier (Britannica, 1997). When Bismarck became prime minister of Prussia...

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  • The Concert Of Europe

    How effective was the concert of Europe in peace keeping during the period 1815-54?   The Concert of Europe was an essential spirit that the powers (mainly Austria...

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  • German Unification

    she also took the lead in suppressing the German revolutions in 1830 and 1848. Metternich also attempted to check the growth of nationalism in Germany and Europe by...

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  • Ib History Past Papers

    Old IB History Exam Test Questions Reminders: 1. You will not know every question you see here in this packet and that is to be expected. I gave you all of the...

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  • Concerto Fo Europe

    International Relations The Concert of Europe was a balance of powers between the most powerful countries to plan a solution to problems and ensure the peace between the...

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  • Why Did The Concert Of Vienna Fail?

    he French Revolution that began in 1789 was a scary event for all members of old, conservative Europe. Not only was an established dynasty of monarchs pulled down and...

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