Concerto Fo Europe

International Relations

The Concert of Europe was a balance of powers between the most powerful countries to plan a solution to problems and ensure the peace between the European Nations. It's founding members were Britain, Austria, Prusia and Russia who were also the countries that had fought against Napoleon. The Concert of Europe lasted between 1814 – 1898, and Europe experimented the longest time in peace of it's history. The Concert of Europe was established in the Congress of Vienna of 1815.

The problem that wanted to be resolved was that Europe was always been in war. After the French revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic Wars, European leaders were in a need of peace. Europe had been devastated after the Napoleonic Wars and with the French revolution, the idea of liberalism and nationalism spread all over Europe. The leaders of the main countries wanted to restore the old type of order before 1789.

The Concert of Europe was designed to reflect the interests of the Big Powers, to establish their borders of expansion in Europe, and create a   balance of powers. It was in the Congress of Vienna were all the ambassadors of the most powerful countries met. The Congress of Vienna was a conference between the victorious powers against the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. The objectives of these countries was to redraw the political map of Europe, to restore order in France and balance their forces to ensure peace in Europe.   It began on September 1814 and lasted until June 1815. Their intention was give back the territories that napoleon had conquered and create a new a balanced map of Europe where no country, especially France, could have any type of advantage over the others.

The Congress gave a balanced settlement which ensured no big conflict for forty years   and then until 1914. It adopted a fair policy of no great rewards and no great punishments to France although they took away most of the territories they had after Napoleonic Wars. It was...