Ib History Past Papers

Old IB History Exam Test Questions


  1. You will not know every question you see here in this packet and that is to be expected. I gave you all of the questions so that you can see that you will feel comfortable with a certain amount.
  2. We focused our studies really from Bismarck and German unification through Khrushchev. IB has teachers only focus on about 100 years…not all possible topics. Thus, you are better prepared to go into detail on particular questions and not just skim over your answers.
  3. When you take the test, cell phones, pagers, etc. are not allowed in the examining room.
  4. You must take black or blue ink pens for all written texts.
  5. Take time to plan your answers. This planning will help your answers be stronger.
  6. Remember that with Paper II, you answer TWO questions, each from a different section.
  7. Remember that with Paper III, you answer THREE questions.

Paper II--2002

Topic I: Causes, Practices and Effects of War

  1. To what extent has any twentieth century war changed the role of women?
  2. How far do you agree with the view of some recent historians that Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler at Munich was NOT a mistake?
  3. “The First and Second World Wars were European civil wars that required outside intervention to settle.” How far do you agree with this quotation?
  4. Examine the extent to which guerilla warfare has been successful since 1945 in any two wars each chosen from a different region.
  5. In what ways did Truman’s policy of “limited warfare” in Korea set the pattern of military conflict up to 1990?

Topic 3: The Rise and the rule of Single Party States

  1. Analyze the conditions which led to the establishment of two single party states each chosen from a different region.
  2. How and why have religious groups a) opposed, and b) supported single party regimes?
  3. Assess the success and failure of two rulers of single party regimes, each chosen...