Mission Statement
The mission of The Y in Jonesboro is to provide a variety of affordable family-focused programs, activities and events that promote healthy living, youth development and social responsibility incorporating Christian values.

To facilitate the accomplishment of our mission, we are committed to certain core values consisting of:
  * Pioneering programs that support the development of a healthy community;
  * Providing a consistent atmosphere of safety, security, and support for the youth of Jonesboro;
  * Promoting community involvement through volunteerism in an atmosphere of spirituality;
  * Supporting and enhancing family values and togetherness while building a healthy mind, body and spirit for all;
  * Ensuring that we meet the changing needs of a diverse community with affordable programs;
  * Maintaining an inviting facility that makes all members and guests feel welcome and comfortable;
  * Treating our stakeholders with the dignity and respect they deserve; and
  * Conducting all aspects of our operations with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  

SWOT Analysis

  A. Strengths

  B. Weaknesses

  C. Opportunities

  D. Threats

Strengths are internal aspects that can help The Y accomplish its goals and objectives set forth in the five year strategic plan. These strengths are distinctive to The Y in Jonesboro, AR. To achieve the goals set forth in the proposed strategic plan, it is vital for The Y to fully know their strengths and take advantage of them to improve the organization.
  * The Y has many after school programs for children in the Jonesboro area. These provide a safe place for children to stay until a guardian is able to be home with the child.
  * The Y is known for its Christian principals. The Northeast Arkansas area has a very strong Christian standing which is compatible with The Y.
  *   The Y provides health club memberships at below average costs. More and...