Self-Improvement Essay

As a fellow human being I have flaws just like everyone else. So I will discuss the three areas   that I would like to improve. The three areas that I would like to improve are my laziness, my sleeping habits, and my lack of self discipline.
The first area that I would like to improve upon would be my laziness. My laziness bothers me a lot. For example, if it I don’t get to do my homework on time, I get in trouble with my teacher. The way I plan to fix this issue is to get involved with sports at the local YMCA. The physical activities that I’m interested in are working out with my brother, swimming, and playing basketball. The other benefit of this is that I will become healthier.   I think that physical activity will be a good   solution   to my laziness because when I was younger, I was involved in many sports, and I was very energetic.
The second area that I would like to improve is my sleeping habits. The average person of my age wakes up at 7 A.M, but I typically wake up no earlier than 12 P.M.   My problem is that I sleep late, then I wake up late, and feel even more tired. The solution to my problem starts with changing my schedule. I have to organize the things I do during the day into a schedule that would allow me to sleep on time. Since I want to find a part time job
and get involved in sports, I hope that now this new schedule would leave me tired and wanting to sleep.
The final area that I would like to improve is that my lack of self-discipline. For example, my parents push me all the time to do my homework,   or tell me to go driving with them so I can acquire my license. The only solution to this, is to find something that I enjoy doing and get motivated to succeed. The motivation to succeed will probably make me want to change and become better person that my family and teachers can be proud of. If I do my homework and get good grades, I can get into a good school which will eventually lead me to brighter future. Moreover, this will keep me...