Pttls Task 1

YMCA Training Ptlls Course

Name: Cheryl Dering

Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which would underpin behaviour and respect for others.

Ground rules are set to ensure a smooth running of the learning and the journey for the learner.   They should be clear and precise and be understandable by all within the group this will then allow the learners to be able to work around discussion and respect.  
“All learners require boundaries and rules within which to work, setting ground rules will help everyone know their limits” Gravells, A. 2008.   Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector – (Third Edition).

Ground rules could include objectives such as, time keeping, mobile phones to be turned off, respecting others, open friendly discussions.   If the learners have set these rules then they have bought into this. “If the group take ownership for their own rules, they are more likely to keep them”, “Often if a ground rule is broken, it is the other learners that will reprimand the offender.   Gravells, A. 2008. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector – (Third Edition)

I have used different approaches of establishing ground rules, I believe that they should be adapted to the group you are teaching and they should be beneficial for all that are encounter able and they should be established effectively.   There are three different approaches that I have used these are for the tutor to set the rules, for the learners to set the rules or for both to set the rules.   It is important in all approaches that all parties understand why ground rules are set. The activities for setting the objections can be by gaining interaction from the group, post it notes with each objection on around the room, put them into a hat and the tutor to bring them out anonymously, this can be used if the group has particularly shy people and therefore adapting to the individuals learning style, group discussion can be...