Y182 Starting with Psychology

TMA01 – Structure – give full essay question as the title

|Introduction – moves from general to the specific     |This is always the first paragraph - and always only one paragraph - where you briefly introduce |
|                                                       |the topic (memory) and say how the question set will be dealt with. Start with a general idea,   |
|                                                       |perhaps about what memory is and why it is important, and then mention the three structures as   |
|                                                       |those used in organizing memory. You can literally finish with “This essay will show…” to start   |
|                                                       |the very last sentence; i.e. say what this specific essay, right here, will consider (even if it |
|                                                       |just sounds like a re-wording of the question). The idea is to point the way forward at the end   |
|                                                       |of the introduction, so the reader knows what to expect.                                         |
|Main Body – paragraphs form a linked chain from the   |This will be the longest part of your essay (for this essay probably about 70% of the             |
|intro to the conc. Each has structure: makes a new     |word-length). Here, in 3-5 paragraphs you will explain what is meant by ‘mental images’,         |
|point, explains it and supports it with evidence –     |‘concepts’, and ‘schemas’ in turn, and use examples for each to outline their role in the         |
|often from research, then comments on how findings     |organization of memory. As you deal with each one, explain how they help improve organization     |
|relate back to the essay question.                     |within memory, and so make later recall more efficient, relating this idea back to the question. |
|Conclusion – move from the specific to the general.   |The...