Starting with Psychology Tma 01

How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

Part A: Essay Plan

INTRODUCTION: Explain what I hope to accomplish with the essay.
Mental Images
      What is a mental image?
      What is it used for?
      Example of mental imaging.
    Experiment on mental imaging.
      What is a concept?
      What   are they used for?
      An experiment on concepts.
      What is a schema?
      What are they used for?
    An example of   schemas.
SUMMARY: Sum up the essay in a small paragraph.

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Part B: Essay of 1000 words
How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

This essay will describe what mental images, concepts and schemas are, as well as explain how they help us learn and improve our memory. It will also cite evidence from experiments to show how they

do this, as well as what an individual can do to use these methods to aid in their learning and/or help their memory.

Spoors et al (2010) states that a mental image is when we think in pictures as opposed to semantic thoughts (thinking in words). Mental imaging is used to remember spoken and written information, by forming a mental picture of the information. By using the mental picture, the effort to form the picture helps to fix it to the mind and help keep it there. It is quite a good idea to use unique, big and brightly coloured pictures, as we have a tendency to remember unique or outlandish items as opposed to those we may see everyday.

Raugh and Atkinson in 1975 carried out the key words technique experiment in which two groups of participants were asked to learn a list of sixty Spanish words, one group using the key words technique. The group using the technique scored on average 88% as opposed to an average 28% score by the other group. (Spoors et...
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