Starting with Psychology Tma01

Part A.

Mental images
A mental image is a form of information that we see as iconic thought seeing pictures in our mid instead of words.
  * When we use mental images we can picture what we want to say.
  * A picture says a thousand words
  * Pictures can be precise in what we are trying to say.
  * We can learn more with images compared to words or pictures
  * We can remember more information.
  * Using mnemonics to improve our memory
  * A number of mnemonics are based on mental images which we have remembered from a young age.
  * Remember lists of items that we require such as a shopping list.
  * There is no need to write things down if we can picture a mental image of them.
  * Forming images fixes our memory
  * We can remember verbal and written information better.
A concept is explained as a process of developing categories, by organising our thoughts by putting them into categories.
  * Sub concepts with different information
  * Developing categories form concepts
  * Memory experiments will help us to remember more
  * Able to break the concept into different features
  * Overgeneralization on certain aspects and different people

A schema can be described as a mental framework in which we file all our knowledge on a certain topic into one package
  * Filling cabinet in our minds
  * Remembering different things that can be filed into our mind cabinet
  * We use different actions for different schema
  * We can share different schemas with other people
  * We can recall information as they provide an organising framework that the information is stored appropriately
  * Schemas   can provide cues to prompt our memory

Part B.

In this assignment I will be looking at different ways in which we can improve our memory and in particular using a range of mental images, different forms of concepts and different schemas.   I will be explaining what these are and I will also...