Xmgt 216 Week 8 Assignment

Week 8 Assignment: Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review


Globalization is a process which has taken place since the first traders and merchants began visiting other countries to bring food and goods back for sharing with their country. Countries take pride in sharing their culture and perspectives with any person whom enters their country. In today's economy we have the Internet,   and the use of digital information to help focus on globalization. The updated technology helps create a well-planned business strategy for merging with organizations in different organizations. Creating a business transaction with organizations is difficult because most countries have different religious beliefs, they eat different foods, and speak a different language, this becomes a difficult task to accommodate to what people of other countries are wanting from the business transaction. Organizations that choose to work with companies in other countries make take caution in how they communicate with one another. Through time organizations doing business with other countries have began taking all steps necessary to make business transactions with international businesses. Many large corporations have begun doing successful transactions with other large corporations, and governments of various countries have begun working together to help better businesses throughout the world. If two international businesses choose to combine practices to better both parties involved, and failure to properly communicate with each other, the businesses will face ethical dilemmas that are quickly brought to global attention by various media sources. The intentions of this paper is to showcase the different ethical perspectives of Mexico and China compared to the ethical perspectives of America.

The article “ A Chinese Perspective: Business Ethics in China and in the Future” focuses on three events which were defective. We can go to any store...