Xmgt 216/ Week 6 Checkpoint: Short Case – Organization

XMGT 216/ Week 6 Checkpoint: Short Case – Organization


To: Senior Management
From: Don Phillips
Date: 05/3/2013
Re: Managing Business Ethics, Advertising

To Whom It May Concern:
As with any company producing products that our customers consume one of the most important goals in our organization is the purity of our products. Recently a new campaign had has been developed ensuring our customers that our products are safe and how pure our bottled water is, we would like to ensure our truth and sincerity in our add ensuring our customers that they can rely on our word.
A new situation has arisen that has affected the purity of our water, while the company is still struggling to overcome the financial restraint left by the recent strike of our employees, we are confident in our product and maintain the findings of our analysis team. This new situation has caused the contamination of 120,000 bottles of our spring water. The analysis team has concluded that the water is very low in toxicity and a human would have to consume 10 gallons per day to have any ill side effects. However, our recent advertising has emphasized the purity of our water and if the sale of this contaminated water is allowed then the company has the possibility of faces potential law-suites which would cause further financial restraint leading to the possibility of bankruptcy. In light of these facts I do not recommend the sales of this contaminated water which will also lead to the loss of profit and will in fact cost the company even more money then has already been lost due to the recent employee strikes.
In response to these recent events the company will not be offering over-time for any employee no matter the situation. We will maintain daily production but the required daily production amount will be increased by 15% to make up for financial losses. A continuous review of all stations will be performed throughout the day and any station not meeting new...