Xmgt 216 Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment: Ethical Issues and Management Paper

Managers are expected to have a wide variety of skills, and businesses around the world expect managers to use their skills on a daily basis. Businesses look for managers that will be successful within the company, and to be successful, managers should make ethical decisions and abide by the laws protecting ethical behavior. Ethical dilemmas are a major aspect of management, and overcoming the ethical dilemmas will separate good managers from bad managers. When we consider the decisions managers are faced with every day, the ethical dilemmas can be seen every day. Managers must hire new employees, terminate current employees, evaluate employee performances, and discipline employees for unethical behavior.

When managers make ethical decisions they must make the decisions using honesty, fairness, and consideration for each individuals dignity. Terminating employees brings many challenges to managers, there are termination laws, and these laws must be carefully followed to avoid law suits. Managers terminate employees for many reasons: poor work performance, unethical actions, and employee layoffs are a few reasons employees may lose their job. When someone loses their job, depending on the reason for the job loss, the employee can receive so many weeks of unemployment to help them financially until they find another job. However, unemployment is not always granted. Most states in the United states have the “at will” law. This means that employers can hire new employees with the understanding that the new employee is an “at will” employee. The company has the right terminate the employee at any time for any reason, while the employee is employed with the company. The “at will” law does protect the employer from many law suits, but if the employee feels as if they received wrongful termination, the employee can still fight the termination in court. If the court agrees that...