Xmgt 216 Week 6 Checkpoint

Week 6 Checkpoint: Short Case – Organization


To: Senior Management
From: Windy Drake
Date: 08/03/2012
Re: Business Merger and Ethical Dilemmas

To whom it may concern:

When working with a company that makes products which the general public consumes, it is important to remember that purity is the goal of this company. We have recently created a new ad campaign telling the public of how pure our bottled water is, and we would like to represent this ad by staying true to our word. With that said: we have currently experienced a situation which affected the purity of the water. The company is struggling to overcome the financial strain of the recent strike of our employees. Now we are facing a situation which has contaminated 120,000 bottles of water. After research we have realized that the chances of humans becoming ill from this chemical is very little. A human would have to consume more 10 gallons a day to become affected by the chemical. However, our add does state that our product is pure, and if we sell this product we will face possibilities of law suites for false advertising. I do not recommend selling this product, which means the company will lose money. We will not offer overtime to any employee, we will continue to run production, but we will push for more product than the required daily goal. We will focus on saving costs in areas such electricity. While the plant is not running production all lights will be shut down, air conditioning will only be ran for 4 hours in the mornings, and all associates will be required to shut down all machinery when not in use. Electricity is a major cost for the company, and I believe that if we can save money in this area during our time of crisis, this will help the company in focusing on producing a pure product that we are proud to sell.