Joanna Gonzalez
Final Project Unit 9

    Washington Forensic Hospital Welcomes Mrs. Joanna Gonzalez

  Washington Forensic Hospital has finally met its match when it comes to having found its new Forensic Autopsy Assistant Mrs. Joanna Gonzalez. With all of her qualifying requirements, she is an outstanding candidate. Through lending her knowledge and expertise attained in her volunteer work around the world to her colleagues here at our hospital, we believe she will be an outstanding asset to our community.   Mrs. Gonzalez, though she is still rather young, has reached great heights in her field and we are fortunate to share in yet another achievement in her career.
  Her interest in Forensic’s   began early in her life. While attending Cajon High School in San Bernardino, California, Mrs. Gonzalez enrolled in AP classes for advanced students and participated in a shadowing program that allowed her to explore the forensic field . She graduated top of her class and attained many honors. Upon Graduation, she proceeded to Kaplan University, where she graduated again, at the top of her class with an associate’s degree in Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Mrs. Gonzalez then returned to Kaplan University to complete an accredited baccalaureate degree program. She is now working towards attaining a master’s degree in Forensic Sciences.  
  Mrs. Joanna Gonzalez is a twenty-nine year old wife and mother of a nine-year-old son, Dorien. Her husband, Luis and she moved here from Chicago, Illinois upon hearing she would be working at our facility. Mrs. Gonzalez believes that spending as much time as possible with her family allows her to relax and maintain her innovative professionalism on the job. She does this by taking her son to the skate park and catching an occasional late night movie with her husband Luis.
  Before Mrs. Gonzalez’s career took off, she worked as an administrative assistant. In 2005, she worked for one of the best bankruptcy offices in...