Original Writing Piece

Original Writing Piece (Inspired By Songs, Lyrics & Stories)
What do you do when everything becomes too much? When all you want to do is cry and crawl into a dark corner. Every time you try to, you can’t, you’ve run out of tears.
Has it ever become too much to handle? Feel like someone is suffocating you and you just need some space? You can never find the space...you die inside.
You close up inside, not letting anyone become close to you, pushing away everyone in fear that they’ll just hurt you like everybody else.
You feel like you are a burden to everybody around you, you only have people in your life that care for you, comfort you, because they pity you; they’re not your true friends.
Do you ever feel abandoned? Have you ever felt so abandoned that you end up abandoning yourself? Then, all of a sudden, you decide to let your body take over the character of someone new. You walk around, smile on your face, making people think that nothing is wrong, no emotion, dead inside. Pretty soon things change; all of a sudden things seem to be going great. People stop asking you what’s wrong, when all along you’re dying inside. It’s the ultimate act of selflessness.
But what about your soul? You sold your soul to these animals that thrive on dragging innocent people into a world of depression, deceit, death. In the end it gets so bad that one day you look in the mirror and realise that it’s not you staring back. You don’t even recognize yourself. You hide in your lifeless shell.
You don’t want to recognize yourself. You turn away from your reflection, only you could see past the charade. You turn away to get the image out of your head. You scream, you destroy everything you can find and then you crash, physically and mentally. You fall and you slide down the wall with tears running down your face, the very face that made you cry. Do you know what it’s like? No, of course you don’t. You could never know what this feels like.
If you look in the...