Com150- the Writing Process Checkpoint

In this course, I will learn how to use the writing process to construct an expository essay.
The expository writing process is different because it is use to inform or expose to the readers about a particular topic and help them understand my point of views towards that topic along with supporting facts. The writing process I normally use are business like communications that are normally brief and straight to the point; like emails, memo, or letters to inform my audience of proposals, important information, or completion of my work.

I believe the steps in the writing process that will be the easiest for me is researching my topic and jotting down the main sources I will be using in my essay. The most difficult step in the writing process I think is trying to create a thesis statement for my expository essay and documenting the source. The thesis I believe is the most important part of my paper that states my opinion on the subject of my paper; documenting the source will also be difficult to because I do not want to plagiarize any information that is not mine.

The way I can over come these obstacles are by using the Axia University Library to make sure that, the sources I am using are facts. I can also use The Center for Writing Excellence resource to help me become a more effective writer. In this site, I can use the reference and citation generator to make sure I am citing everything correctly. I can also submit my paper for grammar and plagiarism review so I can avoid plagiarism and the Write Point it will give me feedback on any basic grammar error I have so I can correct them before I submit my final essay.